Process of Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is an effective process of removing tree stumps from your property, without digging them out. This is part of the tree removal process, which requires great professionalism. In order to accomplish this, the tree removal company will come with stump grinders. There are those that are suitable for small tasks and others for the larger trees. The tree experts will grind the stumps below the ground level and you will not see the stumps again.

What Stump Grinding Entails

Unlike stump removal, where you have to dig out the stump and the roots, stump grinding is much easier. The tree is cut down to smaller chips, which can serve as effective mulch for other plants. Depending on the size of the stump, it can be ground to about 6 feet into the ground. However, this can be deeper, based on your preference. As soon as the process is complete, the place is filled up with soil to cover the hole. This will create room for a play field, kitchen garden or flower bed.

Considerations in Stump Grinding

There are a couple of things that will be put into consideration when it comes to stump grinding. Here are the main considerations:

  • Underground Utilities

The first thing that the tree removal company will consider is if there are utilities in the area where the stump is. Some of the common utilities include phone lines, cable TV, power lines, and gas lines and so on. If this is the case, extra caution should be observed so as not to interfere with the utilities.

  • Preparation

It is also prudent to consider the preparation that will go into the process before the work commences. The area should be cleared of any debris, rocks and grass. If there is grass around the area, it should not be watered as this may affect the effectiveness of the stump grinder. You should have the experts come to your property and carry out inspection so as to help in the preparation of the process.

  • Clean Up

Once the work is done, it is important to have a clear understanding of the cleanup process. In most cases, if you have large trees, you will end up with mulch, which can easily be disposed. You can apply the mulch on the other plants. If the debris is too much, you should think of other options of hauling the mulch.

When you hire a tree service company, you need to find out if they will charge extra for cleanup services. The mulch can also be filled back into the vacuum that is created by the stump removal. Ultimately, the objective should be to leave the yard clean and appealing.

Stump grinding is an effective solution to dealing with stumps on your property. By hiring a professional company to grind the stump, you will be able to improve your landscape. You should not allow the stumps to rot on your property as they may end up affecting other plants.

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